Bray Dojo Python Resources


The Coder Dojo Bray Python DropBox store can be found at:


  This store contains:    All the info you should need for Python in Bray Dojo.

Download the above to a USB stick or the laptop to be used in the Dojo. Do not install anything yet.
             We will run through installs in the Dojo session and show you where everything goes.
   NOTE - For Mac Users:    :-(
      - Currently there are no working Python3.3 AND Pygames combinations for Mac that we have found.
 ::  It seems the only way to get pygames AND Python working 'happily' on a Mac with Python 3 is to run Windows under BootCamp. 

That said :-

Python does install on a Mac & runs without Pygames functionality & there are still a lot of code samples that can be run without having Pygames installed.
FYI  --  Helpful reference information that gets installed on the machine with Python & Pygame:
For Python:
Python installs into  --   C:\Python33\    ::::   The Python help file can be found at  ->>   C:\Python33\Doc\python331.chm
For PyGames:
Pygames installs into -- C:\Python33\Lib\site-packages\pygame   ::::   
    Pygame reference information can be found via   ->>
The local help/info file documentation can also be found online if internet access is available:
Python is at :
Enjoy Python!!

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