CoderDojo Bray by numbers

These figures are the best estimates we can make, based on the data entered by registrants when signing up for our sessions. We hope you find them interesting to review. We certainly do. Most of the charts are live on and you can access the (non-personal) data by following the link to  If you can't see the full chart, rotate your device to landscape mode.

Total registrations, August 2012 to April 2016 (45 months):


We think we're at a sustainable level, subject to continued support of volunteers.

Number of unique kids reached by CoderDojo Bray:


Average number of blocks (6 sessions) attended by each kid:


Age distribution of our kids:

Gender balance:

Girls 28% Boys 72%

Registrations by age over time: red=high proportion

It looks like the trend has been towards younger coders.

Registrants by age and experience: red=high proportion

The older kids have more experience.  Many have attended prior sessions.

Registrants by age and coding stream: red=high proportion

Younger kids are concentrated in Scratch and HTML.  Those are also our biggest streams.

Registrants by experience and coding stream: red=high proportion

First-timers are concentrated in Scratch and HTML, by design through our registration process.

Schools reached:

Interests and preferences of the kids (expressed by parents during registration):


Number of active mentors:

Current pool of 20 (tech) and 20 (non tech); about 100 volunteers have participated to date, with a core of 15-20 long term contributors.

Funding received from the government or any state body:


Running costs annually:

Ballpark figure is €500.  We have a great team of mentors who donate their time, including prep and printing of Dojo learning materials, free of charge.  Most of our equipment needs are met by donations from generous local companies; e.g. screens, network equipment.  Mentors store our equipment free.  Presentation College, Bray provides our space free and covers electricity costs.  Our cash costs are covered by occasional donations and sale of €1 goodie bags (making those at a profit is harder than coding) and coffee.

Number of kids named European Young Coder of the Year:

1, so far :)

Number of books authored for the CoderDojo movement:

1 (thanks, Clyde!)

Return on investment for Ireland:

Massive.  (You're welcome).

Other special projects:

We made a block purchase of robotics kits, configured them all and sold them to parents at cost.  That was a lot of work.

We used robotics to build a 'weapon of mass confection' that fired marshmallows across the car park.

We ran a successful 'Dojo Divas' session that was girls only, with female mentors.

Liam is working on a 'DojoBox' project that would use a Raspberry Pi to enable live chat between Dojos in session globally and light up a world map to show sessions in progress.

We'll be sharing some more of our laminated materials shortly via CoderDojo's Kata site.

Technologies and systems used to deliver our Dojo:

You'll see many of these mentioned/ in use on other pages on this website.

Mailing list: MailChimp (interested parents and guardians need to sign up to get mailings)

Mentor sign-up: Doodle (new poll each block of sessions; one for Tech and one for non-Tech); signed up mentors are guaranteed tickets for their kids

Ticketing for sessions: EventBrite, since the beginning.  Registration link appears on our EB site on Sunday at 8PM the week before sessions start

Session prep: Following Clyde's example, most streams have their own Dojo sushi, authored or curated by our own mentors.  Kids works from laminated cards and do not all need wifi access in the Dojo.  The sushi cards establish a clear route for progression, allow independent progress and take pressure off mentors and mentor numbers, especially with kids attenting for the first time.  We seat kids together that are working in the same streams.  We encourage them to share the (limited) printed materials and to get to know and help each other.  It works.

Mentor meet-ups outside the Dojo: infrequent, as required 

Policies: we have a constitution, child protection policy (affiliated to Bray Youth Information Services), garda vetting of new mentors and public liability insurance.  Parents of children under 12 must stay on site during the Dojo (2.30-4.30 Saturday).  We discourage parents from sitting with the kids.

File shares: Dropbox and Google Drive

Equipment: We build and tear down our Dojo each week in a school canteen (seating 96) and classroom (seating 30), where we have access to parking, foyer and seating space for parents, kitchen for coffee prep and bathrooms.  We have a large stack of power and extension cables, several robotics kits and raspberry pis owned by the Dojo, screens, keyboards and mice for these, miscellaneous network equipment and cabling and a stock of laminated printed material.  All of this is brought in mentor cars each week in about 10 large boxes and is stored by mentors at home between sessions.  We usually hook into the school internet connection with our own wifi networks; we are looking to reduce our dependence on that in favour of internet access that may be available as a CSR donation.


If you'd like to send us any feedback or ask any questions on the above, mail

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CoderDojo Bray is free of charge because of the time and effort donated free by all of our volunteers and mentors, financial donations from our supporters and provision of a venue by Presentation College Bray. CoderDojo Bray would not happen without this generous continued support.
If you would like to make a donation, provide equipment, or help out in any way, please contact us at Any funds or equipment donated will be used solely to support the running of CoderDojo Bray.